Top 10 Dragon Ball/Z Characters

(NOTE: This is the 2nd time I’m writing this…power went out a while ago and my work was all gone -_-)

Kitten’s Top 10, that is. I really don’t want to put them in order because it doesn’t necessarily mean I like one over the other…sometimes they’re just equal…and sometimes the whole order changes! Except for #1 & #2 I guess. DBZ just has a LOT of likeable characters ^^

  1. Son Gohan – Don’t remember when exactly I fell in love with the Son’s firstborn. I just know he’s my favorite DBZ character, and that I love all incarnations of him. There are so many things to love about him. But perhaps it’s because he’s kind of a foil to Goku and the rest of the Z Senshi, being the strong one and yet not really wanting to fight. There’s also his cuteness, his definite intelligence (THANK YOU Chi-Chi!), his dorkiness in high school (Oh I love this~), his “I don’t understand girls” and yet his gentleness is an instant turn-on LOL (just see how he’s around Videl!) and of course, his love for friends and family. Crap, I forgot to mention: SSJ2. ‘Nuff said. XD
  2. Juuhachigou (Artificial Human #18) – Out of respect for her, I translated jinzouningen as such. I love #18; she is my absolute favorite female DBZ character. She is just so…badass. And yet so beautiful and sexy. She breaks hearts…and arms. XD But what really warms my heart is that she settled down with Kuririn, and that it’s really obvious that she loves her family. Kuririn’s so lucky, ne? But I don’t think #18 thinks that way, which makes me love her more.
  3. Vegetto – Most people would never expect this. Vegetto’s not easily remembered too, being in only one saga and such. And isn’t he just the fusion of Goku and Vegeta? Well, being the “perfect” fusion of two great personalities is definitely a winner. Vegetto is handsome, powerful, smart…and I love him for baiting Super Buu in that cocky yet cute way. Not to mention that double voice which combines two of the best seiyuu. I’m well aware that Gogeta is more or less the same but I find every aspect of Vegetto more favorable: from his name to his hair to his outfit.
  4. Son Goten – It’s not difficult to see that the Buu saga is my favorite saga ever, ne? And Son Goten just gives me more reasons to love it. Just hearing him say “Oniichan! Kakkoii!” is enough to send me squealing. He is just so darn cute! His innocence, while endearing because it’s a mirror of Goku as a kid, is also his own I believe. Whereas 12-year-old Goku was a bit brash (I’m watching the original series again so the memory’s kinda fresh), Goten is shyer than his father. I guess Chi-Chi raised her sons pretty well, giving them this “gentleness”.
  5. Son Goku – Wow, now it’s obvious that the Son family is my favorite family! But who wouldn’t love the hero of it all? I know there are Goku haters out there (weirdos) and some people who see Goku only as an “idiotic bumpkin.” Well folks, I beg to differ. Goku’s much more than that. In fact, analyzing Goku (what motivates him, how he thinks) is one of my pastimes…too bad he gives me a headache sometimes because Goku is just too unique of a person. (And that’s also why he’s not higher in the list. XD) He’s special, and face it, he’s a worldwide icon. And without Goku, we have no Dragon Ball. =P
  6. Chi-Chi – And the circle is complete. Yes, I’m a Chi-Chi fan. I marvel at Crafts & Meister’s decision to add her to Super DBZ. Whereas #18 holds the top spot for strongest female, Chi-Chi is the original one. She’s beautiful…and deadly. I know most people fall for Bulma but that’s because Chi-Chi intimidates them! I think Chi-Chi is more beautiful. And she’s strong too, in other ways…like keeping the family alive when Goku’s away. There are people who hate her for “forcing Gohan to study always” and “treating Goku like dirt”, but we should give her some slack. She might be strong, but she loves (and worries about) her family too much – and what the Son men are often doing is enough to give any normal mother a heart attack.
  7. Piccolo – Ah, it’s the Green Man! And forgive me for using the word “badass” for the umpteenth time, but that’s because it’s a term which really defines the essence of “Mr.” Piccolo (Pikkoro-san for Gohan ^^) The best thing about Piccolo is that you can count on him for everything. Whether it’s giving you a great fight, looking cool, keeping the world at peace, babysitting the kids (mostly Goku’s), and dishing out the comic relief. Honestly, these Nameks do everything it’s a wonder why these Saiyajins are the ones running the show. Maybe it’s because they prefer to stay in the back, so they can steal the spotlight XD
  8. Vegeta – Whoa! Why is Vegeta so low in the list? XD Most people have him at #1, but not me, hehe. I honestly do like Vegeta’s line…it’s not like I dislike them just because I prefer the Son family more. As I said, there are so many likeable characters in DBZ. Anyway, Vegeta (same as Piccolo) is another one of those “evil turned good” characters. Which makes him all the more interesting, because it’s so nice to watch his character develop throughout the series. The countless fics about Vegeta-gets-together-with-Bulma is already evidence of it (and thank you Toriyama-sensei and Toei for not bothering to explain it…bleh!) Yes, Vegeta’s arrogance is a turn-on, but for me…what I like best about him is his brains. Many have said Vegeta’s a tactician. Too bad he shows this infrequently because he’s always mad ^^; The best example of him using his brains is the final fight with Kid Buu. I think it was Vegeta’s planning which made me love that fight…I don’t see that side of him often.
  9. Gotenks – Okay, just list down every single character from the Buu saga and be done with it already! 😛 Like Vegetto, Gotenks is a mixture of two great personalities – but this one has a streak of mischievousness. Man, why wouldn’t you LOVE Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack? But the best one would probably be baiting Piccolo to destroy the door of the Room of Spirit and Time. That really, really cracked me up. Years ago I once thought of how Gotenks would make a pretty cool boyfriend, especially if he was head-over-heels in love with you. Because…he’s just plain weird. XD Imagine all of the stuff he’d think of for you. It’s not Goten or Trunks. It’s Gotenks!
  10. Trunks – AIEEEE! I’m cheating here. I planned to separate Future Trunks from the Present Trunks. And this is supposed to be Present (Chibi) Trunks, but I guess Future Trunks deserves a spot too. I’m just interested in Chibi Trunks more because everyone and their mother loves Future Trunks anyway. Chibi Trunks doesn’t get too much love. But this version of Trunks is the source of the naughtiness of Gotenks. He’s a spoiled brat, but has the power and the smarts to back up his arrogant attitude. It’s so fascinating to see the difference between him and his future counterpart (ex. how they view Goku.) Although Goku and Gohan (and of a lesser extent, Vegeta and FUTURE Trunks) are the original father-son duo, the dynamic between Trunks and Vegeta is also great. Ahhh there’s so much I can say about Trunks but I’ll cut it short for now.

It’s too bad it’s only a Top 10, because there are other characters whom I like too. I just don’t think of them that much as the ones above ^^ But here are the honorable mentions:Kuririn,  Dende, Juunanagou, Kaio-sama (LOL), Videl, Cell (SAY WHAT!?), Mr. Popo

And since I’m currently watching Dragon Ball, there are some characters there whom I’ve just recently realized I really like. Such as: Yamcha, Oolong, and…*drumroll* Emperor Pilaf (LOLOLOL. I’m serious.)



  1. zeppy said

    I think that son goku diserves be on the first place, because he is the best, without him, dragon ball sucks, so ,and, with this, Iexpect you put son goku in the first place!

    • prateek singh gautam said

      no i dont thing so vegeta is the best

      • prateek singh gautam said


  2. Montre said

    I think thats a good list, hey but Im just wondering, do you think Uub is a cool character? Im just wondering thats all, cause, well lets just say that I wanted to know

    • zaazi said

      you idiot chi chi is not strong trunks is the strongest then goku .
      no he not

  3. Maramius said

    Gohan is the greatest of all Saiyans because of his heart

    • gabe v said


      • Yashman said

        nah. IMO it’s either Vegito, Gotenks or #18

    • dillon said

      broly is the best, cause he a legendary ssj

  4. Aziph said

    why not gogeta in there he’s the best of all

  5. demonator said

    I agree with Aziph, why not Gogeta, o-well,your top 10 anyway

  6. Ziekerz said

    Great list. I think Butta (Burter) deserves a spot on there. Or at least a mention. I don’t know about you, but he has always been my favorite on the Ginyu Force.

    • gabe v said

      Did they really used to cuss? I don’t know.

  7. Angel said

    Ah, you people are so arrogant! It’s obvious why vegeta is always angry with Bulma. Bulma is a tramp. She is consistantly trying to have sex with Goku (imagine where that leaves Gohan not to sound like a complete FONDS) but seriously you people! Get the facts right please. Why do you think they cut the show out so much from the series?

  8. Paulo said

    Piccolo # 1!!!
    Hes my favorite! he kicks anyones ass

    he was the only one who could punch the cell jr, he tried to protect tien, yamcha and krillin at this time.

  9. Colton Silcox said

    RADITZ greatest character
    more heartless an ruthless then Freiza

    Fuck King Yama Destroyed his Soul thats how bad he was

    not even freiza got permenitly erased

    Raditz is PIMP

  10. yourfool said

    idiot, they are not the son family, it is only son gohan, becuase otherwise people might get confused about granpa gohan

  11. renmark said

    great list! how about characters from dragonball GT..
    id say Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta!

  12. VEGETA#1 GOKU#2 said

    VEGETA and GOKU rule I personaly think that GOKU is stronger than VEGETA
    but I like VEGETA better because he is better than GOKU in lots of dbz
    games but im not saying GOKU is bad. I even find VEGETA funny by the things he says but GOKU even rules.

  13. anonim said

    trunks need to be 1 😀 and raditz 2 and 3 need to be vegetto
    top 3 *5* cool saiyan

  14. Mirai IS the best said

    Chibi Trunks got enough love and was a typical ‘pampered prince’….
    Poor Mirai had hardly anyone left to love him.
    But nice list. I love Gohan and Z warrior-saiyans too.

  15. srikar said

    I agree with Paulo ..
    Piccolo is the best..
    he is my favourite

  16. 3alloosh said

    1*_*1 nobody like my favorite warrior and he is>>>>::
    (( Kid Buu ))
    he is the only one who destroyed the earth.
    and the only one who killed gohan .
    I think he is the ultimate one

  17. kid smag said

    BROLY the legedary super sayin is the best. The only reson he was defeated was because he had to fight trunks , gohon , vegeta , piccalo , and goku but you got to give goku his props

    • niam said

      kid swag is wrong everybody knows goku’s spirit bomb would defeat broly’s omaga blaster

      • douglas said

        super jenemba dominated a ss3 so he is the best

  18. Chandan said

    Goku and broly is the strongest

  19. gabe v said

    AHHHHH!!! I hate DBZ!jk. I LOVE it. Gohans mah fav 2. I agree. Exept 4 dah looks and stuff,cuz I’m a boy. But still,awesome choise of ppl. Currently,I’m watching DBZ kai, and it said that Gohan…..DIED!!! Well I thought….=(

    -DBZ 4ever.

  20. gabe v said

    Ssj4 goshin is AMAZING. I give her props. She has like 10000000000000000000000000 DBZ stuff. But if anybody likes pokemon, talk to me. I LOVE it.(not more thn DBZ) really,I like any anime. Recently,I’m watchig Kekkaishi on adult swim evenn douh I’m 10….. but still,comment me,k?

  21. gabe v said

    l ___ l

    Its me. MWA-HA-HA!!!

  22. Yashman said

    Great list but I would put Gotenks and Trunks down furthur. Vegeta needs to be in the top 5 and Chi Chi should be gone. She is so annoying! If it wasn’t for her Gohan would have kicked ass from the beggining of his existence! Gohan goes SSJ3 would be awesome though. Of course this is all IMO

  23. gabe v said

    Anybody wnt 2 comment me? Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee????????????

  24. gabe v said

    who is “broly”? I’m new to dbz. Well,I’m not new,just the last time I saw it,I was lil.

    • yo said

      he is the strongest super saiyan ever. born with a power level of 10000 oppose to goku with 2. hes in one of the dbz movies.

      • gabe v said

        Oh. Thanks yo. Wow. 10000 power lv. And at being nearly BORN. Oh crap.

      • dbz said

        2 rights i like bardock if he lived he wud ov got a super saiyan

    • dbz said

      hes a ledgandary super saiyan go on youtube n type in broly ledgandary super saiyan part 1 then after type ledgandary super saiyan part1 the best saga is the frieza 1 got to say:D

      • dbz said

        second cuming type in after sorry

      • yoyo said

        he sucks NOT hes good

  25. gabe v said

    I so respect dat,demonator. Where”its is top ten”.

  26. gabe v said

    Yay,DBZ! I wish day still had the oooooooooolllllllllllllllldddd seris. I’m sad………….. PUT IT BACK ON!!!

  27. gabe v said

    Do u have any mor websites?

  28. gabe v said

    Hola,mi amigos! Si,esponyol,oh crap.I suk at spanish. Any ways,I’m gonna have a dbz siite! Ask me bout details,k?

    • yoyo said

      hola! mego san hispardsi da?

  29. gabe v said

    NOT!!!!!!!! I’m not gonna have a website.;)

  30. gabe v said

    Hey,wats da seris of da dbz game caled?

  31. yo said

    bardock is my fav by far

    • kakorat said

      Bardock is my favorite he would have been stronger then goku or anyone at that matter goku is badass but bardock is way better than anyone… he definitely would have gone super sayian probably even ss4 like goku did

  32. Tyrant60 said

    Chi Chi???

    I think Bardock needs to be on here… I think Vegito shouldnt be on there, I think Vegeta and Piccolo should be hire… I think Gohan sucks as an adult until he goes mystic so that notches him down

  33. landon harris said

    my favorite characters are broly and gogeta.not super saiyan 4 just super gogeta.your list though man i thought u did pretty good.

  34. gabe v said

    My favorites are: goten,goku,and…….GOHAN!!!

    • jhon said

      GOHAN IS A CRY BABAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. packman said

    dude krillin is so underated u gotta think only him and tein r the only humans able 2 keep up with goku plus his distructo disk owns

  36. Sheersh said

    I do’nt liked this

    • gabe v said

      Hey,be quit! They worked HARD on this! They didn’t have 2! So be thankful! >:P

      • yoyo said


  37. gabe v said

    Is dragon ball af real or fake??? I’m just curious.

  38. rockettycoon said

    Who’s bettter: oldphan1 or sgoshin4 (or sumtin like dat?)

  39. Miatic gohan said

    videl must be like nummber 2 on the list how cant you love she is the THE BEST GIRL character IN THE BRAGONBALL Z series

  40. a person said

    i dont care if gohan was a weak dork as an adult(until mystic gohan) he was always so innocent and lovable him and goku are my all time favourite cartoon chracters

  41. Jo said

    Rules: Gohan, Vegeta, Videl, Trunks and Tien
    Suck: Krillin, Buu (in all of his forms), chiatszu (or whatever he’s called) and Uub.

    Furthermore, DB GT sucked and therefore I consider it non-existend (and same goes for most of the DBZ movies).

    If I would have to pick a favorite: Gohan!

  42. christina said

    TRUNKS IS THE BEST EVER why cant goku kill frieza and trunks can ha

    • yoyo said

      cos goku is weak anf future trunks was trained by gayhan and when gayhan trains some1 they become strong and storng
      but then
      he dies of deadly irus
      18 kisses him and he wakes up.

    • Kim said

      I agree with Christina Trunks is #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. #18 said

    i am so happy to see #18 is number 2! Come on, she is an android so she lives forever and probably does’nt need to eat or sleep, not to mention her unlimited energy. And btw chi is wayyy better than bulma

    • yoyo said

      18 sucks
      but 17 is THE WORST
      but 19 is just wrong
      and 20 is…never seen him

  44. […] Top 10 Dragon Ball/Z And forgive me for using the word “badass” for … Years ago I once thought of how Gotenks would make a … be on the first place, because he is the best, without him … » […]

  45. mila said

    WTF guys? O_O First of all without Goku who i prefer call Kakaroto DB wasn’t exist at all. When you are talkin about this anime it always the first character in minds is Son Goku! And i always prefer him,because he is the main character and without him a lot of your favourite character wasn’t exist (i’m talking about Son Gohan,Son Goten and others). So guys,if you are realy DB fans,remember it.

  46. Kim said

    My Favorites are
    1.Future Trunks
    3.SS1 Vegeta
    5.SS1 Trunks
    6.SS2 Teen Gohan
    7.SS1 Future Trunks
    8.SS1 Broly
    9.Majin Vegeta
    10.Kid Trunks

  47. Kim said

    Gabe V I agree with you I love Pokemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but Dbz is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Kim said

    If your wondering i’m a 9 year old kid and i am a male Kim is not my name

  49. Dezz said

    Trunks is da bestest evr! Hes #1!!!!!ohhh hes so awesome and cuter than any of them haha and also videl is 1 of my fav characters, gohan used to b number 1 but then trunks happened ❤ haha especially since hes son of vegeta also one of my fav..#1Trunks
    #6 android18
    Well that's how my list would be haha

    • jhon said

      shut up goku is the best ever he beat vegeta when he came o planet earth and reach super #1 first

  50. Salaar said

    1. Ss4 Gogeta

    2. Omega shenron

    3.Syn Shenron

    4. Super 17

    5. Ss4 Goku

    6. Nouva Shenron

    7. Ice Shenron

    8. Ss4 Vegeta

    9. Great ape baby

    10. Super Gogeta

    11.Super Vegito


    13.Ss3 Goku GT

    14.Kid Buu / Super Buu Gohan Absorbed / Super Janemba

    15.Super Buu Gotenks and Piccolo Absorbed

    16.Ss Goku GT

    17.General Rildo

    18.Ultimate Gohan

    19.Super Buu

    20.Ss3 Gotenks

    21.Ss3 Goku

    22.Majin Buu (Pure Evil)

    23.Majin Buu


    25.Ss2 Goku

    26.Majin Vegeta

    27.Ss2 Vegeta

    28.Ss2 Teen Gohan

    29.Ss2 Gohan

    30.Super Gotenks

    31.Goku GT

    32.Cell Perfect

    33.Ss Goku (end)

    34.Ss Vegeta (second form)

    35.Super Trunks

    36.Super Vegeta


    38.Ss Vegeta

    39.Ss Gohan


    41.Ss Trunks (sword)

    42.Trunks (sword)

    43.Ss Kid Trunks

    44.Ss Goten

    45. Piccolo

    46.Kid Trunks


    48.Kid Gohan



  51. stan said

    My Top 5: Based on personality and ability. (i don’t count fusion characters as a person)

    1. Gohan
    2. Future Trunks
    4. Android 17
    5. Krillin

  52. douglas said

    super Jenemba is the strongest

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  54. nharee said

    I think piccolo shouldbeina higher rank!

  55. nharee said

    9.master roshi

  56. kakorat said

    Yamacha is badass to… and krillin is way underestimated… he’s pretty cool and he obviously pulls the chicks he pulled 18….android 16 should be on there… him and gohan where the only one who could even touch perfect cell

  57. JONATHAN said

    I really enjoyed what you had 2 say had 1,2 good laughs thanks a lot

    • goku #1! said

      goku is the best one here, he was the first to go super saiyan.

  58. Mike said

    I love what are you a girl

  59. Mike said

    You could put Killeen because he is funny

  60. Goku said

    I like Son Goku best!!!

    • Goku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said

      I agree!

  61. Songoku said

    Goku is the best! No doubt!

    • Kakarotto said

      Of course!

  62. SSJ Goku!!! said

    I hate Chi chi best!

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