Songs of a High-Spirited Saga

Double squee!


I thought I had lost you forever; good thing my sister kept our old cassette tapes! Anyway, I found it again – our copy of “Songs of a High-Spirited Saga” Volume 1, an album which was released back in 1996 (making it TEN YEARS OLD, my gosh) when DBZ Movie 5 & 6 was shown on theaters here in the Philippines. Both the songs and the movie are in English. Dragonball Z is still on the airwaves, but it’s now dubbed in Filipino/Tagalog. I’ll write more about our local DBZ in another post ^_~

Now I really want to convert the tape’s contents into MP3s before the tape goes missing again. And that means I need a cassette deck. *dot dot dot* Who the heck has something like that???

P.S. Say, if this is Volume 1…that means there is a Volume 2 @_@ But I don’t remember anything like that being released back then.

P.P.S. This album merits a separate feature in the site…I’ll get onto it as soon as possible!



  1. Anthony said

    YaY! I still have my casette tape, too! ^_^ Unfortunately, I already lost the cover. It is still working, but the quality of the sound has already changed. I’m glad someone still remembers this one. I particularly love “Love Light”. It is very soothing to the ears. ^_^

  2. marky0902 said

    ARe you gonna upload the music traks?? Please do!! I’ve been searching these soundtracks forever!! >.

  3. fumaleyare said

    yep me, too i’ve been searching for ages just to find A WORLD FILLED WITH LOVE mp3.. now that you mention it may you rip it and share it with us? oh pls? if you want i may trade some rare anime mp3’s also just name it and i’ll take care of it.. 😉 thanks

  4. fivel said

    im also looking for the A WORLD FILLED WITH LOVE . i have a video of the japanese version of it in AVI format. CAn you share with us the mp3 version of it? i was looking all over the internet for it but no avail. thanks in advance!

  5. weng said

    Hi! I have been searching these songs too! Especially A World Filled with Love and You are the Hero by Gino Padilla. I hope you can share me these MP3s. I also watched the movie back then with my father and brothers! Such happy memories!

  6. Regs said

    I like the song A WORLD FILLED WITH LOVE i was hoping if you can share it to us. Thanks

  7. Regie said

    pls. share those beautiful mp3’s a world filled with love etc.

  8. Bong said

    Can you also please send me the mp3 of “A World filled love” please. Here is my email Please! and Thanks in advance… 🙂

  9. karlito said

    gwwwt maahn.. ive been seraching for the english version of the track called kimi ga hero… ahha.. and that cassette had it… i remember playing that track loud back in the philippines … will you please send it through my email>?

    it relali did bring bak memoring in the philippines… source of inspiration back then.. when there’s no hope,… then goku comes to kick ass.. ahha

  10. Gina said


    Would you be able to send me “You are the Hero” by Gino Padilla? If you’d like, I have “World Filled With Love” in mp3 format and I would be more than happy to trade that with you. I also have Gino Padilla’s version of “Cha la head cha la” if you’re also interested. But I’m really really REALLY looking for “You are the Hero”

    Thank you very much.

  11. Junifel said

    Can you please upload the soundtract. Please…. Thanks…

  12. venson said

    hi to all,

    you can find some songs when you search it on you tube. just use some downloader, converter and extractor so you can have the mp3


  13. Glenn Marasigan said

    I remember that series became my all time favorite which was also an inspiration to watch other anime series and it’s still my favorite until now. The series aired on RPN 9 for seven years and it was played on primetime Thursday preferably the English Dubbed (Philippine Version). Honestly, I still preferred that version over the “current” dubbed aired on GMA-7 which expressed my disgust just to continue the series. I remember when I tried to call the local distributor, CREATIVE PRODUCT CORPORATION asking why it was dubbed in Filipino and they said that the network itself bought the rights. They were against re-dubbing the series but they had no choice.

    I still keeping my hopes alive to hear that old English dubbed again because I really, really missed it.

  14. dexter said

    its 2011… XD….
    i hve it too..but its just a recorded one from the original.. im too kiddo back then …and my brother borrowed it from his classmates…and because i like it.. we recorded it… how i wish that i manage to pull my mom at record bars back then…..XD… my very first anime sountrack is YUYU HAKUSHO.. n__n Philippine release 1999 and VOLTES V.. XD..
    then soon japanese cassetes from COMIC ALLEY ..

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